Force Matrix MLM Plan - Laravel Documentation

Server Requirements

As you konw this system is in Laravel framework. The Laravel framework has a few system requirements.
You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements:

  • PHP >= 7.2.5
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension

How To Install?

Please Follow the steps :

  • Extract the zip file and copy all files and folders from laravel-fmp folder and paste to your websites root folder.
  • Open Termainl or CMD and enter to your website root folder.
  • Run composer install command on this folder. if composer is not installed the please download from here.
  • Run php artisan setup:db and follow the instructions.
  • Run php artisan setup:fmp and follow the instructions. It wll ask you to install demo, if you enter "yes" all the settings has been filled randomly and some fake user will be registerd automatically.

Admin Details:
Url : <YOUR_WEBSITE_URL>/fmp-admin
Email :
Password : 1234567890

If Demo is installed, you are ready to test your Fmp Plan, else you have to update your plan settings in admin panel first, else users will see "settings not completed" message on every page.

If you need to test your plan settings, you can Run php artisan db:seed --class=DemoUsers command on website root folder. some fake user will be registerd automatically.

If you need to remove all users and their relational data after testing your system please Run php artisan reset:users command on your website's root folder, it will remove all users and their relation data except first user.

Plan Setup

Plan settings steps :

  • Login to website's admin panel using admin details ( provided in installation seaction ).
  • Go to Settings > admin settings, and Fill your websites settings (like title, logo, email etc.), You can also change your personal settings too. (email can not be changed untill without mail settings, for updating mail settings go to .env file and set your mail settings).
  • For managing website menu go to Settings > Manage Menu, Here you can add, update or delete menu items.
  • Go to FMP Settings > Create First User, and create your first user.
  • Go to FMP Settings > General Settings, and update your general settings.
  • Go to FMP Settings > Payout Settings, and update your Commissions.
  • Go to FMP Settings > Regular Bonus, and update your Regular Bonus Slabs.
  • Go to FMP Settings > Royalty Bonus, and update your Royalty Bonus Slabs.
  • Go to FMP Settings > Deductions, and update your Deductions.
  • Go to FMP Settings > Email Templates, and update your Email Templates. you can use dyanmic merge code to add dynamic data in email.
  • Go to FMP Settings > SMS Settings, and update your sms provider details for sms notifications.

That's Done!!

How to run payout?

Go to FMP > Run Payout. there are three tabs on this page.

  • Users Earning : List of eligible users with their commissions.
  • Bonuses : List of eligible users with their bonuses.
  • Payout : Here you will find the run payout button. click on this buuton to run payout.


In our system we have developed two types of Genealogy you can check both of them and user can check only default one.

  • Type 1
  • Type 2

How To Manage Withdrawals Requests?

  • Go to FMP > Withdrawals. here you will see user withdrawal requests.
  • Click on action button to change status of withdrawal request. you can change withdrawal status ( only once ).

How To Manage ePins?

Go to FMP > ePin Report. here you will see ePins listing if generated already.
To generate epins click on Generate ePins button, You can delete and restore epins too, epin can be deleted only if not used by anyone.
ePins Listing have username and used at columns, if ePin is not used by anyone then these will be blank.

How can i check payout reports?

  • Go to FMP > Payout Report. here you will see master payouts listing with total comissions, bonuses and deductions.
  • To view details of payout click on action button, here you will see the user's payouts with their total commissions, bonuses and deductions.
  • To view user's payout details click on action button, here you will see complete details of that users payout.

How can i manage users?

  • Go to Users > Active Users. here you will see users listing.
  • You can view user's earning report by clicking icon from action column.
  • You can view or update user's profile details by clicking icon from action column.
  • You can not delete any user, you can only disable users by clicking icon from action column.
  • You can also enable disabled user, for that : Go to Users > Disabled Users you can enable user by clicking icon from action column.

How can i manage website ?

We have following cms options to manage your website.

  • Pages : For Pages Management. You can add, update and enable/disable pages.
  • Services : For Services Management. You can add, update and enable/disable services.
  • Manage Gallery : For Gallery Management. You can upload and delete images.
  • Manage FAQ(s) : For FAQ(s) ( frequently asked questions ) Management. You can add, update and delete questions.

How can i describe the plan for users ?

  • We have created home page using your plan settings ( like network width, network height, withdrawal limits etc. ), that you have added in backend.

How can users register themselves?

  • User have to fill registration form with a valid ePin to get registred.

How can users get ePin ?

  • User can purchase epins from <YOUR_WEBSITE_URL>/fmp-purchase-epin or they can ask to admin or person who reffers him or any known person from network.

Where user can their account earnings ?

User can see summary of their logged in account on dashboard page (<YOUR_WEBSITE_URL>/fmp-dashboard)

  • Total E-wallet Balance
  • Pending Amount
  • Total Earned Amount
  • Total Withdrawal Amount
  • Referrals Chart
  • Commission Chart
  • Recent Referrals List
  • Recent Payouts List
  • Recent Wallet Transactions List
  • Recent Withdrawals List

How can users request for withdrawal ?

  • User can request for withdrawal from withdrawal request page (<YOUR_WEBSITE_URL>/fmp-withdrawal-amount).

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