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What is Board MLM Plan & How it Work


What is Board MLM Plan?

A board Plan is one of the most popular among different MLM plans which is also known as a Revolving Matrix Plan. MLM Board Plan is called because a group of members works in a team (Board) and whenever a board consists of a set number of members, the Board splits into two sub-trees. The top member was promoted to the next higher board. In MLM terminology the company can set how many promotional boards to be introduced and how many members can be on a Board Plan.

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Board Plan is also named a Revolving Matrix plan. This plan is suitable for a limited/restricted number of individuals i.e. it goes on until all the seats in the hierarchy are filled up. The most adopted plan of the board MLM plan is a 2*2 plan where each individual has to recruit 2 other people. And this is carried on until all the seats of the plan are filled up. On the other hand, whenever the number of members is more than the limit, this plan is segregated into 2 sub-boards and the top individual of the plan is offered a promotion to a higher level. This cycle is repeated again till the board reaches the maximum number of people.


How does Board MLM Plan work?

Board Plan, you are required to form a joining under your legs at the primary level and overall on your second level. When you complete the overall recruitment of members your cycle is considered to be completed.    

As known, the structure of the Board MLM plan highly adopted is of a 2*2 matrix cycle as a result it follows the sponsor Matrix/Board cycle. So in the same cycle, a particular member/individual would be titled a commission every time when the cycle gets completed. If any member joins this plan, he/she is given a blank board with a few columns into it for the entry record of your associates. Inboard the MLM plan, the sponsorships are restricted to some members. This recruitment of 2 members on the first level and 4 on the second level has a total cycle of 6 members in all.


Types of MLM Board Plan

  1. Single Board
  2. Multi-Board
  3. Shuffling Board
  4. Auto Filling Board
  5. Manual Filling Board

Features of Board MLM Plan

  • Level Management
  • Business Gap Analysis
  • Recycle Entry in Board
  • Cross Matrix Board Plan
  • Automated Member Promotion
  • Unlimited Income Board Plan
  • Intelligent Promotional Tools
  • Auto Promotion to Higher Level
  • Error-free Compensation Calculations
  • Recycling Entry System into the Board


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