Monoline MLM Plan

monoline mlm plan


What is Monoline MLM Software?

Monoline MLM Software is a web-based application that maintains the Monoline marketing plan and also to keep track of commissions earned and makes report systematically. Monoline MLM Software is systemized with all activities that are done by MLM Companies.


What is Monoline MLM Plan?

Monoline MLM Plan is a straight line MLM Plan which consists of only one leg for each member. It is also known as single leg MLM Plan or Linear MLM Plan. The concept is so simple as its name says. It’s all about pertaining to fall into the same “mono” (Single) line. Monoline MLM Plan is the most attractive single leg MLM compensation plan in the network marketing industry and also the simplest business model that anyone can understand. In the upcoming years, Monoline marketing Plan will be the most popular MLM plan in Multilevel Marketing business. The most interesting fact of Monoline Marketing Plan is that it has only one leg to work. Every member automatically goes down once new member join. In MLM Monoline system, you will receive monthly revenue which overrides on everyone below you, even those you do not sponsor.

In Monoline network marketing, the key thing to building a downline is that you will get paid on the efforts of others even if they pass you up in the various qualification levels. In Single leg MLM plan, you can boost your business at the low cost and also the more you appeal to the masses, the faster bigger money you will make through this. Like many other compensations Plan, Single leg MLM plan has got many features and benefits to run network marketing companies.


How Does Monoline MLM Plan works?

Unlike most other MLM software business plans, all you need to do is recruit one member and he is placed immediately under you. The next person who joins the team, whether recruited by you or by the member whom you recruited, is placed under the member you recruited.

And the next person who joins, whether recruited by any three of you will be placed under the third member. It goes on in this manner infinitely. This makes it easy for the company to attract members fast because the sooner a person joins, the better it is for him.

Once you explain to prospects that whoever joins first will be placed on top of the next to join, prospects will want to join as early as they can. Moreover, there is no left leg, right leg, matrix, width or depth to satisfy. All they are expected is to join the company and start building the team as they see fit. And everyone who is already a part of the team stand to make a profit as the company grows. It is a win-win situation for all. Because of this simplicity and attractiveness of the plan, more and more companies are preferring monoline compensation plan.


Monoline MLM Compensation Plan

Basic Compensations which one can earn through Monoline MLM Compensation Plan is

  • Referral Bonus
  • Rejoin Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • Referral Bonus / Sponsor Bonus

Referral Bonus or Sponsor Bonus is the bonus earned when a user refers or sponsor any new member. He/she will get a certain amount as a referral bonus. In a similar way, a user can attain maximum benefits from sponsor bonus. For that, He/she needs to refer unlimited members and gain an unlimited bonus.


Rejoin Bonus

Rejoin bonus is the special feature of single leg MLM plan. A user will get a bonus if he/she gets free re-entry back into the system. As Monoline MLM Plan is the single leg plan, the user will get many re-entry bonuses as the system grows.


Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus will occur in cases when a user gets the bonuses like referral bonus or rejoin bonus, then the sponsor will also get the same advantage i.e., both user and sponsor will get the bonus at the same time. This kind of bonus is called as a matching bonus.


Advantages of using monoline MLM plan

Fast growth: Monoline promises quick growth as the effort from frontlines is beneficial for downlines too.

High compensations: The plan offers high compensations for the entire team or network.

Multiple positions: Members get additional positions on the tree upon meeting certain criteria.